Top Ten Tuesday: Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me

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Top Ten Tuesday: Wishes I'd Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me

Meet JK Rowling

This is kind of a no brainer; I would absolutely love to meet my favorite author and have tea with her. Besides the chance to pick her brain about Harry Potter, she seems like she has a wicked sense of humor! I almost got to meet her in 8th grade at a book signing but I couldn’t skip school. Greatest regret of my life.

The ability to know release dates of future books

Even if they’re 1, 5, 10 years off, the chance to know the actual release date of a book would be so exciting! There’s nothing I love more than planning and having something to look forward to, so if I have to circle July 28, 2023 on my calendar for A Dream of Spring, I’ll do it! But really, I need The Winds of Winter and new books from Ken Follet, Jasper Fforde, Kristen Cashore, Margaret George, and Madeline Miller. Chop chop!


Build my ultimate library

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve dreamed of living in a house with a round turret room. Lots of windows but room for bookcases and a fireplace and twinkle lights, with cozy built in window seating that you can open up for storage. Blankets, fuzzy socks, more books. It’s like my ultimate dream. I always pictured it small but I’d love a giant round room too. More room for books, an armchair, and maybe a small section for a fridge with snacks and tea.



The ability to read at lightning speed but retain the material

Every bookworm’s dream right? So much to read, so little time. Sometimes it’s nice to linger over a book but I’d really like to read super fast but still feel all the feels and thrills of a book.

Another book from Emily Bronte

Wuthering Heights is a favorite of mine; I read it in high school and have read it at least 6 times since. Even though the characters are unlikeable, I get swept up in the passion and the violent loveliness of the writing and the Yorkshire Moors. I’ve always wondered what other masterpieces Emily could have written if she didn’t die so young.

Rewrite Little Women so Jo and Laurie end up together

The book makes you feel better about Amy and Laurie than the movie does, but I’ll never be over it. I adore Jo March and Theodore Laurence as individuals, and Laurie and Jo were so good together. Ughhhhh OTP.



The ability to touch a book and sense whether I will love it/like it/hate it.

I’d save myself a lot of trouble this way! And I’d only want a sense, not necessarily WHY I’d love/like/hate it. I still want to discover the book for myself but know I’m not wasting my time.

A historical fantasy series about the Hogwarts Founders from JKR

I would absolutely die for this, can you even imagine?!?! And clearly I’m requesting this when she and I have lunch together. I love the Mauraders as much as the next Potterhead, but the Founders would be fascinating. Their dynamic, how Hogwarts came to be, not to mention HISTORICAL WIZARDING WORLD!!!




A bookish credit card

This is kind of ridiculous and sadly adult all at the same time. I’d like a credit card with a huge limit just for books and bookish materials. However, it is always paid off so all it does is build me great credit and get me books! A girl can dream, right?

An Ella Enchanted movie JUST LIKE THE BOOK.

You hear me, Book Genie? Just. Like. The. Book. With perfect casting of course and a beautiful blend of Cinderella 2015 and Ever After for costume and cinematography. Ella Enchanted is one of my least favorite movie adaptations ever, which is a tragedy for one of my favorite books. I want to see everything I love come to life onscreen so I can watch it twice a week on dvd.



What would you ask the bookish genie for? Do we have any similar wishes?


Morgan @ Gone with the Words

24 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me”

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    Love this list. It’s so well put together and was fun to read.

    The ability to read at lightning speed is one of my BIG wishes too. I *need* it. Also, that Ella Enchanted film notion is lovely. I really do enjoy the movie, but I wouldn’t mind another adaptation because I’m a fairy tale nerd. ;)

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    Nicole @ Nicole's Novel Reads

    I LOVE your idea about a historical fantasy series about the founders of Hogwarts! If this ever happens, this would be FREAKING AMAZING! I also love your idea about having the ability to know future book release dates. Great list, Morgan!

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    Teisha @ Girl Writes Reviews

    I love the inspo for your library! Those are both really nice designs — comfy, yet chic. That’s exactly how I’d like my personal library to be. Also, I love that you’re using your bookish credit card to help build your credit. Very clever. (You’re so much better at this adulting thing than me. I wish I would have thought of that! Hahaha). Great list. I hope all your wishes are granted :)

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    Kristen Burns

    Hahaha I love that, instead of just money, you’ve actually thought about building great credit at the same time. And that library you described sounds so PERFECT!

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    Jess @ Curiouser and Curiouser

    YES A FOUNDERS BOOK I HAVE NEVER AGREED MORE. As much as I love the Marauders, especially Sirius, I’ve never really been interested in a prequel to HP because I love that HP fans can imagine that era of the HP universe however they like. I would LOVE a book about the Founders, though – how did they meet? How did they build the school? How difficult was it to be a witch or wizard in a time when you could be executed for witchcraft? I’d love that. :)

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    Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog

    Ah so many good ones!!! I would love to build my dream library. Also to read fast AND retain all the info! That would be amazing because I am the worst at remembering details – even right after I finish a book!! The bookish credit card – brilliant. Sign me up :)

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    Oh! A series about the Hogwarts founders would be amazing! And yes Jo and Laurie should be together! It broke my heart when I was a kid that they didn’t end up together.

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    Christina (A Reader of Fictions)

    Oooh, yesssss. Meeeting JK Rowling and knowing future release dates. YES. BUILD MY ULTIMATE LIBRARY omg how did I not think of that one???? Gah. I even have plans for it, by which I mean in my head knowing I’ll never get it but WHATEVER.

    Okay, you are officially my queen for rewriting Little Women. Oh man, I think I’m doing a future free TTT of things I’m rewriting so the right ship gets together because YES.

    Oooh, the book liking sense is a cool idea too.

    Mostly I just want any sort of books set in the HP world that aren’t just like companion textbooks. Come on, JK. Give it to us.

    *loves the Ella Enchanted movie even though it’s horrible* HUGH DANCY THO MORGAN

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    Alexa S.

    Morgan, I am 100% with you on the dream library! I’ve always wanted a window nook in mine, and I’m praying someday, somehow, when I have a house of my own, it’s going to happen. I would also happily read about the Marauders AND would love to sit with JK Rowling for tea! I have gotten to meet her before, but I would love to just have the time to really chat with her :)

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    I need more books set in the Harry Potter world. Can we please get a book about The Marauders and Dumbledore? And The Founders would be awesome too. Building my ultimate library, so let’s be honest, it would end up looking like Beauty and the beast.

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    I love this list! Obviously I agree about meeting JKR. That would be amazing. Or to live in her brain for a while. (In a non-creepy way, haha.) I want a gigantic library, too, especially with a rolling ladder. I like the idea of it being in a turret room. Oh man, if I could read super fast and still retain what I read (which I barely do as it is), I would be so happy. I’d definitely like a cure for book amnesia. I’ve never thought about a series about the Hogwarts Founders, but that would be cool. I really want a Marauders book. An unlimited book budget would of course be a dream come true. And YES, I completely agree, Ella Enchanted deserves a much better movie adaptation.

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    Oh these are excellent! I would love to (and will!!) build my ultimate library some day. And sensing whether you would love a book or not is an excellent wish. No time wasting!

    My TTT

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    Ginger @GingerReader22

    I could never get through Wuthering Heights, I keep meaning to go give it another go. I don’t think I’ve read Little Women either but that’s been on my list for a while now, I need to move it up a little. I’d love the ability to just touch a book and know if I’ll like it, I hardly DNF because I feel bad once I start it, I always think it will get better and then I end up hating myself for wasting my time.

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    Lyn Kaye

    “The Ability To Touch A Book And Sense Whether I Will Love It/Like It/Hate It.”

    *sobs* Yeah, I would just ADORE that! Why can’t this be a real thing??!

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    Lindsey @ Bring My Books

    MORRRGGAAANNNN! Laurie & Jo being togeettthhheerrrr <3 <3 I almost wanted to say this was your best wish, but then I saw the wish for a historical fantasy series about the Hogwarts founders from JK Rowling and then I decided I can’t decide which one is best because both of those are amazing!!!

    Other things I totally agree with:
    Touching a book and knowing if I’ll like it! This would save me so much time, haha! All I would need is a prick of discomfort if it’s going to be a 1 star/2 star, and a warm feeling if it’ll be anywhere from 3-5. I still want to be surprised a little, but ultimately I just want to know if I’ll like it!
    Ella Enchanted!!! Like Christina, I actually liked the Ella movie, but after reading the book earlier this year (thaaaannnkkk yyyoouuuuuuuu) I would love to see another retelling!
    Ultimate Library. YES. Meet JK Rowling. YES.

    Love your list, Morgan! <3

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