Top Ten Tuesday: Worlds I’d Never Want To Live In

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Top Ten Tuesday: Worlds I'd Never Want To Live In

This is my first Top Ten! I saw this topic and just had to participate! I figured with as many post-apocalyptic and dystopia’s that I read I should be able to come up with at least ten! This task posed to be harder than I thought. I had to reach a little…. I hope you don’t mind. Some of these aren’t “worlds” per se, but rather a different world than we live in now, so I thought that might count. Here we go…

TWD - Intro - #1

The Walking Dead

By Robert Kirkman – Okay so maybe this one is a stretch since it’s not technically a book (though there is a The Walking Dead (The Governor Trilogy) spin-off book series). But I have read 90% of this comic book/graphic novel series and had to include this. I mean who wants to live in a world where bumping into zombies at every turn is a possibility?! I have often had very deep discussions on what weapon would be best to have in a zombie apocalypse, but I would never in a million years want to have to really make that decision!! (P.S. I’d definitely choose a Katana.)

1984 #2


By George Orwell – So I had to take it wayyy back for this one, but you cannot ask “worst book worlds ever?” and not think of 1984. It’s totalitarianism on steroids, the government controls your every move, thought and emotion. Writes and rewrites history as they wish, forces you to watch their propaganda on a television that you can turn off but is always on…. watching you…. all day, every day. And heaven forbid you think for yourself! I mean George Orwell is the Father of Dystopia! (IMHO)

THG #3

The Hunger Games

By Suzanne Collins – I am clearly past the lottery age, but no way would I like to live in Panem. Even as someone living in the Capitol, I don’t want to be forced to watch children fight to the death. Also, I wouldn’t want to have to see my friend’s children participate in the lottery! That is just too tragic to picture. *shudders*

GoT #4

Game of Thrones

By George R. R. Martin – If I was offered a free ticket into Westeros or any continent mentioned in this series, I’d politely decline. I like not living in fear of being beheaded, running into winter zombies (BKA White Walkers or The Others) or being burned alive by dragons. I like my head and my skin very much, thanks.

DD #5

Dearly Departed

By Lia Habel – A life in  the future New Victoria does not appeal to me much, no matter if it’s all steampunky and awesome. Even if the zombies in this world are slightly more civilized (and dare I say, romantic) and have learned to control their… err hunger… I still would not wish to join Nora and live in this high-tech-tamed-zombie-fueled world. That is just too odd and unsettling. I will, however, one of those high-tech carriages with a flat screen though.

SM #6

Shatter Me

By Tahereh Mafi – This post-apocalyptic world has a mad man at the head of their government and the world is dull and just plain sad. Even with the exceptional beings with other-worldly powers, the common folk are treated harshly and the most common necessities are not easy to come by. I just could not imagine living in a world where there is no humanity and constantly surrounded by an abundance of brutality.

DA #7

Dragon Actually

By G. A. Aiken (AKA Shelly Laurenston) – I absolutely adore all the dragon kin dragons and their respective mates but it’s like there is always a war going on in each book! The humans have to suffer losses of cattle any time there are dragons nearby (they are a very hungry lot). How can you live under those conditions?! Not to mention, the dragons are EVERYWHERE! North, south, east, west – you can’t escape them! The only way I would ever agree to live in the Dragon Kin world is if they were offering a very handsome dragon shifter as part of the bargain. Must have washboard abs or NO DEAL.

TS #8

The Stand

By Stephen King – I read this lengthy book (the original not the uncut version) a very long time ago, but this world came to mind as one from my nightmares. A nasty super-strain of the flu is released into the world and kills 99% of the world’s population almost overnight. The less than 1% remaining has to deal with violent and sadistic maniacs that were left roaming the world. I mean you aren’t running from zombies but waking up and everyone you love is just gone?! That’s just insane talk!

TG #9

The Giver

By Lois Lowery – In this short but disconcerting read we have a dystopia that focuses on “sameness.” Everyone lives the same life with very few differences, everything is constant and controlled and just plain awful. No way would I survive in that world. I’m bored just thinking about it. I’d be ostracized and “released” for wearing fishnets and chucks with my issued uniform. Appreciate my uniqueness dammit!!

SL #10

‘Salem’s Lot

By Stephen King – Forego all romantic notions of vampire stereotypes, these vamps ain’t messing around. In Jerusalem’s Lot, the vampires don’t sparkle or bring your darkest sexual fantasies to life, they are vicious and they kill…. a lot. I make it a point to stay away from any town that is slowly being taken over by vampires. That is just a basic rule of thumb. Excuse me while I go sharpen my stakes…



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    Michelle @ The Passionate Bookworms

    GAME OF THRONES… how did I not think of that.. I mean sure. I LOVE Kahleesi ( I think I’m spelling that wrong.. but no time to look ) BUT NO.. I would not have the patience for jeoffery and I would mouth of and get beheaded haha. I chose the Giver as well! BOO to Sameness!! Panem in a given.. i’d die in seconds haha. The Walking Dead is totally a valid choice! Comics are Books in my mind! … And ya.. unless I had Deryl… I’d be a walker the first day haha.. Survival skills are not my forte. Great picks!

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    Christina (My Life In Books)

    I had 1984, Panem, and Game of Thrones on my list too but I should have thought of the Giver! I remember reading that in like, 4th grade, and being horrified. Can’t wait to see the movie (even though it has Taylor Swift, blah!)

  3. Avatar

    Jessica@a GREAT read

    Wow! Nice picks! I almost chose Dearly Departed too! But then I got sad because the series is cancelled! :( But very nice picks! My picks fall along the same. Our world but in a different time and settings are still pretty bleak!

    Here’s my Tuesday post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

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