Tune in Tuesday: Blind Pilot


Tune in Tuesday: Blind Pilot

I was watching the last episode ever of One Tree Hill (TEARS!) and I came across a band I hadn’t heard of before but completely fell in love with. And it’s funny because that is what OTH did for me in so many episodes in its nine seasons, it introduced me to so, so many fabulous bands. So this post is as much about One Tree Hill as it is about Blind Pilot.

Half Moon


Keep You Right


One Red Thread


Jess @ Gone with the Words

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    My favorite of these is Keep Me Right.  I almost always end up enjoying bands that I first hear on TV.  Often, their sound is less abrasive- if that makes sense.  

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    One Tree Hill has been on the air for 9 years? Holy spite!

    I really like Blind Pilot… a lot. Thank you SO much for sharing these amazing tunes this week! :)

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    Ginger @ GReads!

    OTH did the same thing for me.  Unfortunately I quit watching a few episodes after Lucas & Peyton left.  The show just wasn’t the same to me anymore.  I meant to DVR the last eps & forgot :( hopefully I can find it online somewhere.  I’d like to see how it all ended.  I like this band.  Good sound.

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    Its amazing how certain TV shows have such great music on them. I have found quite a few great bands that way! Great post as always

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    Eeep I love Blind Pilot!! My friend said their last album “is almost comically warm and cozy” which is so true. Magnificent pick, Jess. :) 

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    wow…I really love this band and I am addicted to chasing down songs I hear in a movie or TV series!!! lol :) 

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