Tune in Tuesday: Book Playlists – Beautiful Creatures | Beautiful Darkness

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Tune in Tuesday: Book Playlists - Beautiful Creatures | Beautiful Darkness

Tune in Tuesdays is a feature hosted by GReads! where we showcase some good tunes! :)

This week I give you one video for two books in the same series. Enjoy!!



In the first book, Ethan dreams about Lena and as these being the first words in the song, you can see how I thought of this couple as soon as heard it:

“In a dream that I can’t seem to shake she is,
she is standing alone
by the fence I see tears in her eyes
why she cries, I just don’t know”






In the second book, Lena spends most of the book leaving or gone and poor Ethan is so confused and sad! This made me think of him:

“So you’re leaving for months at a time
I’ll help you out the door
But once you’re gone I just stare out the window
Won’t you please come back home?”

And because Lena loves Ravenwood and Ethan loves Lena:

“I’d hate this place if it weren’t for the waves
if it weren’t for the fact that you love it.”



Jess @ Gone with the Words

6 Responses to “Tune in Tuesday: Book Playlists – Beautiful Creatures | Beautiful Darkness”

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    I’ve heard great things about this series! Have the first book sitting on my shelf just waiting to be read–these songs make me wanna pick it up right now! lol
    Thanks for the tunes!

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    Oh, this reminds me that I still need to read Beautiful Darkness!   I read BC a long time ago but never got around to the second book, even though I really liked the first one.  Great song pick!

    My Tune In pick is here.

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    Cayce E.

    I loved Beautiful Creatures. I listened to it on audiobook, where someone actually singed that song Ethan hears. It was eery.
    Great lyrics picks. They’re really suit the books.

    My TiT

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