Tune in Tuesday – Concert Edition: fun.


Tune in Tuesday – Concert Edition: fun.

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As you know by now, The Format is a significant band in my life…that is no longer together. BUT! The singer, whose voice is just so unique and incredible, did form a new band: fun.

The fiancé and I have seen them one time, in Dallas, Wednesday 02/17/2010. The show was Jack’s Mannequin with Fun and Vedera. It was the day my fiancé became my fiancé. :)

The amount of planning he did so that he could propose then take me on this trip was seriously impressive to me. He talked to my supervisor to get me those days off, for goodness sake! I thought it was perfect, that I believed it couldn’t get any better.

AND THEN IT DID!!! After seeing fun.’s set that night, we ventured out into the House of Blues store and ran smack into Nate Ruess!! That’s right! The singer of The Format, and now fun.!! We tell him he was great tonight and that we were HUGE fans of The Format…that we in fact met at his show with The Format six years prior and that today we got engaged and came to see him perform. I showed him my ring and we took a picture with him (which I cannot find!)…WE TOLD HIM OUR STORY! Though I think I stumbled through most of it…I was SO NERVOUS!!

So there you have it…another one of my significant concert experiences. And without further ado, I give you fun.

“All The Pretty Girls”

“We Are Young” ACOUSTIC!

I love the original (listen below this one) but this one…*sigh* it showcases his voice SO wonderfully!

“We Are Young” (ft. Janelle Monáe)



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