Tune in Tuesday – Concert Edition: Dashboard Confessional/Augustana


Tune in Tuesday – Concert Edition: Dashboard Confessional/Augustana

A weekly feature hosted by GReads! where we showcase some good tunes! :)

This was one of those shows where the crowd sang the songs to the band…it was amazinnnnng. Augustana opened for Dashboard Confessional and it couldn’t have been a better pairing. I’ll post the actual videos to the songs, but the titles will be linked to videos of the actual show from 2007! They’re pretty good, so if you want to hear what I’m talking about you should check those out too! :)

Boston by Augustana

I used to listen to this song when I felt no one got me.

“I think I’ll go to Boston,
I think I’ll start a new life,
I think I’ll start it over,
where no one knows my name”


Recorded Version


Hands Down by Dashboard Confessional

This is, hands down, my FAVORITE Dashboard song EVER!! I will forever love it…

“My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me, so won’t you kill me, so I die happy.
My heart is yours to fill or burst, to break or bury, or wear as jewelry, which ever you prefer.”


Recorded Version




Jess @ Gone with the Words

15 Responses to “Tune in Tuesday – Concert Edition: Dashboard Confessional/Augustana”

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    La'Tia Mullins

    Nice. here’s mine http://thebo0ki3.blogspot.com/2011/12/tune-inteaser-tuesday-37.html

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    I love dashboard confessional. I haven’t seen them in concert yet though. :( Maybe when the little one grows up some more, I’ll start going to concerts again.. no time lately. :) 

    I like Augustana too, I have one of their Cds.. the one with Boston.. not sure if they have come out with anything else, I’ll have to look. :)

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    Oh gosh what a great concert to have been too! I love both of these bands…and I love Hands Down so much!

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    Katelyn Torrey

    I am jealous beyond words right now. First because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE both of these bands so much! Second, because I cam close to seeing both but at the last minute I couldn’t! Augustana was touring with some other bands I loved (Jack’s Mannequin for one!) but their show got cancelled. And then Chris came to Michigan not long ago but I ended up having class that night! They would be an awesome pairing together :)

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    I LOVE Dashboard Confessional!! And I first heard of Augustina on someones Tune in Tuesday post haha! I think it might have been Katelyn. I absolutely adore Boston and bet it would have been a great song to hear live! :D

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    I LOVE DASHBOARD! That’s one of my favorite tracks, too. And Augustana? Fantastic! You’re so incredibly lucky to have attended that concert… what a great lineup! I envy your awesome concert-going experience. :)

    My concert edition for this week! So excited… :)

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