Tune In Tuesday: If Work Permits


Tune In Tuesday: If Work Permits

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If Work Permits by The Format

My relationship with The Format goes back to 2004 and they will forever be part of my history. I met my fiancé at that show. Sadly, they’re on an indefinite break. I love so much about this song…actually, I love every word in this song. I’ve always connected to these lines in particular:

Sometimes, when sailors are sailing
They think twice, about where they’re anchoring
And I think, I could make better use of my time on land.

Who hasn’t felt like they could be doing something different with their lives at some point?

THEN! This piece of the song is heartbreaking and beautiful, especially when he’s describing what love is:

It’s a shame what your father did to your brother’s head when he smashed it with a telephone
Your mother got scared and locked the door
You were only four, but lord you remember it
So now you’re scared of love
I’m here to tell you love ain’t just some blood on the receiver
Love is speaking in code
It’s an inside joke
Love is coming home



Jess @ Gone with the Words

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    Never heard of The Format before but wow! Those lyrics were amazing! I loved how the beginning of the song was nice and slow and then right in the middle, they rocked out. Now I'm sad they are not together anymore. That means I've missed my chance to see them in concert. But still, great song!-Katelyn

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    Cyndi M.

    Pretty cool song! I've never heard of them. Sorry for you that they're on break.

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