Tune in Tuesday: Nikki Lang


Tune in Tuesday: Nikki Lang

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Well, I heard this first song on MTV…I KNOW, RIGHT?! MTV actually introduced me to music for a change! Crazy… Anyway, I thought it sounded very sweet and immediately decided to feature it today. Then I looked up her other songs and realized they’re kinda corny. But the bigger problem is I can’t decided if I like them or not!! They’re actually very YA novely…they tell a story! And so I decided to post them in spite of my indecision. LOL Let me know what you think of them!

My Sad Hero by Nikki Lang


Bros before Hos by Nikki Lang


Feel Better by Nikki Lang



Jess @ Gone with the Words

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    Never have heard of her, but then I dont watch MTV, I didnt realize they still played music on there!

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    I gave up on MTV for music years ago… I don’t even associate it with music anymore, but rather  bad reality shows (that I watch anyway!)

    I had never heard NIKKI Lang (but I don’t often hear newer/popular music, as I don’t listen to the radio either *lol*) I love her! I love Bros before ho’s! LOVE!! For all the reasons I love reading YA I assume.

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    I was a bit skeptical… MTV? I don’t think my cable TV package even includes that anymore… but that’s quite cute and fun. I think I have heard of her somewhere before – but can’t think where.

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    She has a very YA sound to her. I can hear a bad boy/angel vibe coming from My Sad Hero.
    There are a lot of artists that I love one or two songs but get bored with the rest of their stuff.
    I liked the first and last song.
    I find a lot of music on VH1 early in the morning. MTV used to have a show in the middle of the night – Subterranean was the name of it I think – that I taped for indie music. I don’t think they even have that anymore :-(

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    Preet @ A Written Rhapsody

    I was going to say Bros before Hos was awesome for the title alone, but then I watched the video and ended up hating her for cheating on the boyfriend, haha. I really like the other two songs though! You’re right, she is very YA appropriate! Also, LOVE your blog! Following and thanks for stopping by!

    Preet @ AWR

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    Oooh the days when MTV actually played music… I’ve never heard of her before thanks for sharing.

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    Kevin Alderman

    MTV has music….now thats funny. Nikki has a really gentle powerful voice. The videos do give it that YA feel, especially the bros before hos. I think the songs are better without the videos. Listen to her “cute but stupid” song, now that would make good ya video. :)

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    Nikki Lang

    Thank you for posting my videos and sharing my music…these songs were from my first EP which are a bit different than what I have been working on recently, so if you’re not sure how ya feel about these, keep checking in and maybe you’ll like some of my new stuff!

    But really, thank you very much for sharing- your blog is terrific.


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      Jess @ Gone with the Words

      Nikki! First, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. :) Second, I look forward to hearing the rest of your EP and your new music! Overall, I really do like these songs though! I know I was unsure at first but after a few listens, I couldn’t stop singing them in my head. :)

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