Tune in Tuesday – Soundtrack Edition: Once


Tune in Tuesday – Soundtrack Edition: Once

A weekly feature hosted by GReads! where we showcase some good tunes! :)

This week I’ve selected another Oscar nominated movie soundtrack: Once.

Not only is this international indie movie full of emotions so palpable, it also has two very talented leads, Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová. I don’t think the movie would be the same without them. Aside from the movie Once, Glen and Markéta also go by the name The Swell Season.

Falling Slowly – a.k.a. This song that started my love affair with this soundtrack. It is beyond moving. Which is what makes a song perfect to me.

Say It To Me Now – The emotion that pours out of Glen’s heart when he sings this song rips my own heart open.

When Your Mind’s Made Up – This is the last pick I decided to showcase from this amazing soundtrack. I just love it. Like all the others. :)

Here are the other amazing songs on this album:

Track Listing
1. Falling Slowly – Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová
2. If You Want Me – Irglová and Hansard
3. Broken Hearted Hoover Fixer Sucker Guy – Hansard
4. When Your Mind’s Made Up – Hansard and Irglová
5. Lies – Hansard and Irglová
6. Gold Interference
7. The Hill – Irglová
8. Fallen from the Sky – Hansard
9. Leave – Hansard
10. Trying to Pull Myself Away – Hansard
11. All the Way Down – Hansard
12. Once – Hansard and Irglová
13. Say It to Me Now – Hansard
14. And the Healing Has Begun (Van Morrison, Collector’s Edition only) – Hansard
15. Into the Mystic (Morrison, Collector’s Edition only) – Hansard and Irglová


Jess @ Gone with the Words

21 Responses to “Tune in Tuesday – Soundtrack Edition: Once”

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    This soundtrack and film could not be any more perfect. Thank you so much for featuring it and reminding me that I need to do a rewatch very soon. Gah, so so good.

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    This music is so amazing. I remember hearing Falling Slowly in an awards show ages ago (dang memory… can’t remember which one!) and falling in love with it. I have yet to watch the movie, but it’s definitely one I’ve been wanting to check out. Thanks for sharing!

    Lovin’ Soundtrack Edition of Tune in Tuesday!

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    I never heard these songs before. Thank you for sharing. Now  I’ll have to find the movie. :)

    My TT

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    Sarah Snyder

    I was THIS CLOSE to putting Falling Slowly on the List this week. It got bumped  to next week… I guess you beat me to the punch though :) I have to admit, i wasn’t really a fan of the movie.. but holy crap, the soundtrack is great :)

    That Bookish Girl

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    I have never listened to these songs before.   I really like Falling Slowly, such a beautiful song.  Thanks for posting them!

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    Jessica S.

    We are such music twins.  This is one of my favorite albums.  Your description of “Say It To Me Now” is SPOT-ON.  There are tons of live videos on YouTube of Glen singing that- I practically sob every time I hear it…

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    Bethany E. Larson


    Now I’m going to brag—I saw them last year at a show in Prospect Park and it was maybe the coolest, most intimate (even in a giant park) show I have ever been to. OMG THEY ARE AMAZING.

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    Jen D.

    I adore Falling Slowly.  I remember seeing them perform that song at the Oscars.  I was like who is thi….wow….this song is beautiful.  True story.  I’m not sure why I haven’t bought this soundtrack.  I need to remedy that STAT.  Great pick Jess!

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    I love Indie movies..I prefer them over big budget films any day. Great choice you have here!

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    Ack! I keep forgetting to watch this movie!! I have listened to (and loved) the soundtrack.

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    I first heard Falling Slowly by Emmas Imagination. It was one of my faves from the album. I’d no idea it was a cover lol! Really enjoyed listening to this, thanks! :)

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    Say It to Me Now and The Hill are my faves! One of the best movies and soundtracks out there. If you haven’t seen the movie, stop what you’re doing and go watch it….like NOW! :D

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    Katelyn's Blog

    I have heard the first song before and I can’t for the life of me remember where! All I know is I loved it the first time too :) Never seen this movie but I will have to check this out ;)

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    Sashana Jeffery

    I’ve loved them ever since I saw their Indie film a few years ago. Glad you’re getting the word out!

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