Waiting on Wednesday: Paradise

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Waiting on Wednesday: Paradise

Paradise by Jill S. Alexander

Paradise by Jill S. Alexander
Published by Feiwel & Friends
Pub Date: July 5th 2011
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Paisley Tillery is the drummer for a country rock band. If they can make it to the stage at the Texapalooza music fest, then Paisley will be closer to her dream of a career in music and a ticket out of her small Texas town.

Drumming and music are what Paisley has always wanted. Until the band gets a new lead singer, the boy from Paradise, Texas. With Paradise in her life, what Paisley wants, and what she needs, complicate her dreams coming true.


Ok…confession time: I’ve already read (and REVIEWED) and LOVED this book!! (Go on..read the spoiler-free review ;) The book is SO good!) BUT! It was an ARC for a book tour, and on July 5th, I’ll have my very own shiny, finished copy. I’m very excited!! You DEFINITELY want to read this book!


Jess @ Gone with the Words

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    Paradise souns great and i’m glad you liked it so much! I noticed that you are reading Wolfsbane and I am sooo jealous! I loved Nightshade and with no doubt I will adore Wolfsbane…as soon as I get my hands on it. I look forward to reading your review :)

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    This really sounds interesting. Haven’t heard of this one before, so I definitly have to check out your review. :)

    Thanks for sharing,

    (My WoW)

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    Jan von Harz

    I love any book with a music based theme and a good love story. Since you have already read it and loved it all the more reason to add it to my wish list

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    Ana Vila Carneiro

    Yo have painted a good picture about this book!!I’m looking forward to your review!!

    Sounds great!

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    Jacinda @ Reading Housewives

    I’m on a book buying ban through the end of July. I bought a mp3(cheapy) for the gym and audiobooks (my phone doesn’t take many formats :() and I needed like $8 for free ship…guess which book I ended up buying! Yep, Paradise! I kinda want to read it again!!! And obviously it’s really hard for me not to buy books!

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    That’s less than a week away for the release date! :D And I’m loving the setting, so I’m most definitely going to check it out. Thank you for sharing and happy reading!

    My WoW

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    It was probably your review that had me add this to by wish list. I didn’t realize it hadn’t come out yet. I just thought it was another book I wanted and didn’t have. Sigh. Can’t wait for this one. Texas. Music. Romance. Nothing better.

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    Def. sounds like a great summer read to add to my never ending to read list. Thanks and I will be reading the review.

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    Under The Covers Book Blog

    This sounds like a great summer read, and I love the cover, I will have to check out your review!

    My WoW

    Suzanne @ Under the Covers

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    The guy in this story is the lead singer in a band? Nuff said, i’m there!
    Tristan @Reads With Wreckless Abandon

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